Change cold and impersonal employee onboarding into satisfying experience

CofBoarding creates healthy relationships and strong bonds between new and current employees via intra-company networking.

Attaching employees emotionally and socially into their teams makes them fit the organization culture easily - greatly improving happiness, retention and productivity. The most natural way is to help new colleagues engage in social activities such as having lunch or coffee together.

These team rituals represent an easy way of networking within the organization. By connecting colleagues between departments, we help to build open and accessible organization. These natural meetings provide a stress-free way to learn about how company operates. When senior management is involved, it opens new communication channels, increases transparency and builds trust towards the senior leaders.

Improve employee retention by 25% and improve overall employee performance by 11%. It takes 8-12 months for newcomers to be fully proficient - and onboarding program ensures that employees are 69% more likely to stay at least 3 years.


Healthy relationships and strong bonds

For productive teams and employee retention.

Intra-company networking

To fight silos and build open and accessible organization.

Connect leaders with the teams

Build trust towards the leaders and increase transparency.

Why Slack?

CofBoarding leverages existing communication channels and enhances them with powerful features for connecting relevant people within the organization. Using Slack enables existing teams to start using CofBoarding in minutes.

Do you want to use CofBoarding but you don't use Slack? Let us know.

DobbyTec offers a solution for a complex employee onboarding. Large organizations need advanced software that will help them to create a motivating onboarding process that will provide new employees with all necessary information during the company onboarding. If you are interested in this solution, let us know.